Abandoned-The Cube Chambers

 You don't know what just happened. Or how you got here in the twinkling of an eye. But lo and behold, you're trapped in a cubicle maze of Sanskrit numerals carved out as a hint to an escape.

 After venturing out of the Gate, everything went squiggly blank. A dark mist of fatigue enveloped about until you were standing in what appeared to be an Egyptian temple-lased with riddles and 4,000 years of settled dust.

 Now you must solve the puzzle and find a way out of this mess before the Jinks throw you into another spell and send you to solve another barrage of mind-cracking riddles. Or could it be your friend now has superhuman powers?

 Part 2 is a lot more thought-provoking than Abandoned 1. However, the graphics and artistic layout are again fairly reminiscent of Submachine(not necessarily a bad thing). The ambient soundtracking is somewhat mind-numbing and gives off an eerie disposition. So if you're in the mood for a Matt-inspired flick, then Krutovig will surely give you a boost of adrenaline until the unveiling of Submachine 10!

Note: A walkthrough is provided in game. Pay close attention to what he does throughout the video. Miss one step and your stuck.

Play Abandoned-The Cube Chambers!


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