Cube Crush Christmas Edition

Here is the #Christmas version to #GregorHaag's #CubeCrush! #ChristmasGames #MatchingGames Starting today, I will be reviewing various Christmas flash games on my blog. First on the list comes a quaint online matching game(by Gregor Haag) quite reminiscent of the candy crush saga. Only instead of treats, we're matching three or more Xmas bulbs til the board is mostly clear.

 There is a Classic(free mode) and a Timed mode(baubles get refilled but you only get 25 secs). All you'll be needing this evening is a keen mind to spot and click the bulbs with the greatest match cluster. That means no click-spamming to rush toward the next level(rush clicking will get you penalized). Scoring certain quotas will unlock new achievements. Knock yourselves out!

 This game will surly get you into the holiday spirit with a well-done rendition to The Nutcracker Suit caroling in the background(Thanks to Kevin MacLeod). The graphics are quite festive as well. So if your into cube crush but prefer there to be a seasonal flair nestled within, then Christmas Crush has got you covered!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Xmas Crush!


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5 Online Games to be Thankful For!

This #Thanksgiving, I have 5 #Games to be thankful for! #ThanksgivingGames
 Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate and revel in the Fall harvest. You see, it's not about the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, or even pumpkin pie. Nor is it about Willie Wonka or Charlie Brown. No, Thanksgiving is about family, friendship, and giving thanks to God Almighty for the bounty he has so richly provided! So be sure to count your blessings before delving into that apple pie grandma made for you.

 That aside, I have five Thanksgiving flash games to be grateful for this Turkey Day. Whether they be escape flicks, retro arcades, or even a strategy game, all these trinkets are compliments of the great big turkey plastered above!

#1 Pilgrimage

Here is a neat #Arcade #FirstPersonShooter Pilgramage by #Buzzwerd and #TheDarkness! #ThanksgivingGames
 You've all heard the story right? Back in 1620, the Mayflower voyaged across the treacherous Atlantic-searching for a new home within the land of the West. From September to November, the English Separatists battled abreast the seven seas until they spotted earth in what is today Cape Cop.

 But here's what they don't want you to know. Yes, half of the passengers did indeed perish. Not from disease but alien abduction! That's right, mysterious flying dishware were witnessed kidnapping both man and cattle aboard their ships for experimentation. In addition, it appears the natives were taken as well. They believed them to be the Ant People depicted upon their petroglyphs who descended from Orion's Belt. The colonists however feared them to be demons thwarting their efforts at religious freedom.

 Well in this arcade game, you are one of those flying saucers abducting helpless pilgrims who've just landed at(what is today) Provincetown Harbor. Let's see how many turkeys and humans you can suck up before time runs out!

 Use the Space Bar to shoot rays of light. Be careful of grenades and pitchforks folks might throw at you in retaliation.

Play Pilgrimage!

#2 Turkey Farm House Escape

Here is another #Thanksgiving #EscapeGame littered with a couple of puzzles and riddles to delve into! #ThanksgivingGames
 Number two on our list is a point-and-click strategy by Games2Rule! In it you must attempt to escape this Midwestern farm before Thanksgiving Day arrives. There a couple of puzzles and riddles to unravel. If ya get stuck, a walkthrough is provided below. 

Play Turkey Farm House Escape!

Here's a Walkthrough!

#3 Wild Turkey Escape

In this barn you must help this flock of poultry jump over the fence before the great #Thanksgiving slaughter! #ThanksgivingGames #EscapeGames
 Our third selection takes you to another farm filled with turkeys. These birds will be slaughtered in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Unless you strategically find a way to get these hunk of poulties across the fence before farmer Dale fins out. A walkthrough is provided below to show you how to do just that.

Play Wild Turkey Eacape!


1. Grab pitchfork, stick, and bucket of water.

2. Rake(with pitchfork), collect, and place 20 rocks(scattered about) in upper-left corner.

3. Give the horse some water.

4. Collect box from inside the barn.

5. Use collected stick on roof box.

6. Get blade of grass(lower right) and tickle horse twice(to kick boxes over the fence).

7. Click on each turkey to jump one by one and you're done!

#4 Thanksgiving Dinner Bounce

In this simple strategy game, you must bounce each #Thanksgiving dish from kitchen to table with tray in-hand! #ThanksgivingGames #OnlineGames
 Game number four is a simple fun filled activity where you must successfully bounce all the food items that make up a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. You must paddle them below with tray in-hand from kitchen to dining room table. Bumping all food products safely to the dinner table will give you a high score to salvatate.

Play Thanksgiving Dinner Bounce!

#5 Thanksgiving Dinner

In this #Thanksgiving #StrategyGame, you must seat everyone according to preferences! #ThanksgivingGames
 Our final holiday selection gives us a unique strategy game where you must carefully seat each member of the family according to their likes. Not only food preferences but also favorite relatives. In other words, keep some folks away from their inlaws and everything should be fine.:) The better the seating arrangement, the higher your score.

Play Thanksgiving Dinner!


 That wraps up this years Thanksgiving selections. Tune in next year for more Turkey Day games. One last thing before I depart, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Hero In The Ocean

Here is an awesome undersea adventure game Hero In the Ocean part one and two! #AdventureGames #OnlineGames #FlashGames
 Way down beneath the surface of the sea lay a labyrinth of subterranean caverns teaming with exotic creatures and marvelous treasure untold. Unfortunately, many divers have roamed these dark underwater caves and were never heard from again. That's why you have been sent to these fluid crags.

 In the first installment, you must rescue all scuba divers trapped within these corridors many many fathoms under the sea. Be wary of lasers and other booby traps laying in wait for you. In part 2, you must hunt deep sea caverns for exquisite gold. There a creatures far more malevolent in this installment. Within each lever of both games are three stars which'll unlock new levels down the road.

 I find both to be well-executed and thought-out. Especially the ending of part one where you must hunt for the credits to appear though a secret tunnel. Not to be outdone, #2 has a level where you must enter the tummy of a craged creature to finish the course. Although the first game might be too easy for some, part two is a bit more challenging. The soothing piano acrostics and oceanic sountracking give these two an ambient atmosphere. In all, I give both 5 stars for intrigue and intricate computer animation.

Play Hero In the Ocean!

Play Hero In the Ocean 2!


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