Monkey Go Happy Leprechauns

 If ya have the luck of thee Irish. You'd be sorry and wish you were dead! This here monkey is sad and needs be cheered up with a goldmine. Ur...the only problem is, this lad has a whole clan full of Melanched chimpanzees! Simply greeting them won't do dur trick.

 In this edition of Monkey Go Happy, you must search for 30 clovers, twenty Leprechaun's, and solve a few Irish riddles to unlock happiness. A walkthrough is provided in game.

 I have pretty much no complaints to this St. Paddies Day edition to the now famous Monkey Go Happy series. Except the soundtracking was good but it did not feel very seasonal. Otherwise, it's another home run for Pencil Kids!

Ratings:4.8 Stars!

Play Monkey Go Happy Leprechaun's!


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