Courage Saw Game

 Do you know what time it is? Why It's Courage the Cowardly Dog Show! Staring Courage. The slave I meant pup of a mom and pop southern hillbilly couple in the middle of nowhere!

 Strange stuff happens out in the middle of nowhare. Weather it be spooks, dragons, or even villains bent on kidnapping grandma, he'd somehow manage to prodd himself to save the day. And since this yellow dog is the biggest coward in the wilderness, what better victim could Jigsaw want to get get his crafty hands on?

 Today the little doll has encased your beloved masters within a picture frame. In order to retrieve them back, you must play one of Pigsaw's mind-boggling puzzles. As always, dollface has left quite a few clues up your alley(well isn't he such a swell guy).

 Collect all the crumbs he's left and stash em in your inventory. Use and combine these objects into boobie traps as a counter-attack upon your foes. The Medallion that Jiggy used to transport Muriel and her grouchy deadbeat husband has been shattered into many pieces scattered about in unincorporated Nowhare. You must collect them all within 6 scenes and combine their forces to so that she can batch up another dozen cookies(smile).

 As with all their Saw Games, Inka has crafted another well-done plot. This time incorporating Courage into the mix. Just imagine if they did one with Michael Jackson in it. Now that wold be something hint hint.

Ratings 5 Stars!

For a thorough walkthrough, Click Here(hint for the Musem code: from left to right add or subtract from the coresponding pillar-number whatever's on the slip from the Argentine woman)!

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Courage Saw Game - Help Courage escape from the evil game


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