Haunt The House!

See if you got what it takes to haunt this house untill every guest runs home screaming! #Halloween #HalloweenGames #GhostGames
Once upon a time,

 There lived a little boy who's parents owned a lucrative business-a real estate company which bought and sold numerous houses and plots of land. Thus they became extraordinarily wealthy. But despite all the toys mommy and daddy lavished, Victor was not happy.

 You see, he was diagnosed with a sever brain lesion at two. Night after tormenting night, this scar caused him to hallucinate and go mad. Every day the boy would complain of seeing ghosts and hearing taunting sounds in the walls. Mom and dad took him to every specialist but to no avail. His case is incurable.

 One day, Victor's parents flew off to Bora Bora on their wedding Anniversary. However, a veracious cyclone capsize the plane-killing both mother and father. When the news reached young Victor's ears, his symptoms got worse. Eventually, he also joined the dead. Yet he did not know that he passed on.

 After six months, his grandparents(who would've taken care of him) sold the mansion to an affluent family for $3 Million. But Victor did not like these new guests. But soon enough, the boy realized he was indeed a ghost. What's more? The lad is free to haunt the joint. And that's where You come in, my friend!

 These new owners are throwing a party in their new home with plenty of people to attend. Your job is to scare these guests mad until they either leave or better yet jump out the window. Use the Spacebar for you soul to possess objects and Arrow Keys to either cause items to maneuver about or perform frightening stunts! You can inhabit furniture, tables, even household appliances. Once everyone(or most people) have been petrified witless, the game will end revealing your high score.

Haunt The House Review

 I loved the crisp animation and witty sound effects. The music was fair until the Gothic piano piece at the end which gave it a biting resolution. The game itself was very exiting. Though I wish they gave you more houses to haunt. All in all, if your looking for a zany Halloween game that's easy on the horror though not wimpy, then I recommend you'd give "Haunt the House" a fair shot!

Play Haunt The House!


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Graveyard Racing

Come race with a few cryptoid ghouls in Halloween Graveyard Racing! #Halloween #HalloweenGames #RacingFlashGames
 Here lies an ordinary cemetery within the confines of a dark forest just off of where bogre Street cuts off. This graveyard dates back to the late 15th century. When Britain's eye was on the 13 colonies. Since then, many souls have come to rest in this yard. Every night it is quiet here. All except one night of the year!

 Many have sworn to see car apparitions thunderously drive through this graveyard like monster trucks. Indeed, a New England newspaper once ran an ad of folks claiming to witness a ghostly drag-race. Critics dismissed the assertions as nothing more then hearsay from a bunch of teenagers over a Halloween party. Or course no one would believe these adolescents even if the evidence grimly stared them in the face.

 Well tonight you are one of those departed spirits in a monster-truck. For on Halloween Night, there is a race tournament every year. Whoever finishes first in one piece gets to sleep with a trophy next to his coffin until next year. The grim reaper awakens four souls from their eternal slumber to participate in this cryptic contest. 

 To steer the vessel, hit the Upper arrow to drive and the Side Arrows keep your vehicle from toppling over. Watch out for rugged terrain and exploding pumpkins. You must win the race in order to advance to different courses. New cars will be unlocked as you progress. Good luck and may the ghouls smile upon you!

 I thought the difficulty was alright. The soundtrack is very seasonal with a good Halloween tune in the background. The graphics are fairly well-executed and blend right in. Overall, a great spooktacular racing game, though nothing to make you fall out off your chair!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Halloween Graveyard Racing!


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Escape From the Catacombs

Check out this eerie #PointAndClick escape from #Coolbuddy dubbed Escape From the Catacombs! #HalloweenGames
 Today starts a month long marathon on reviewing free Halloween flash games. Whether it be Point-and-Click, Room-Escape, Interactive-Narrative, you name it! I will be overviewing spooky games every other day til midnight October 31st!

 Tonight's game takes us to an ancient castle believed by some to harbor a few disembodied pirates. Wouldn't you know, someone has locked in the catacombs-filled with rats and cryptic skeletons! You don't know how you got there or who transported you from the comfort of home to this dreadful place. But one thing's for sure. You must get the heck out of there before the spirits have their way with you!

 Hey, at least they've left clues for you to decipher. Go ahead and grab that mouse to retrieve various items strewn-about and store them into your inventory. Carefully interpret each clue you find carved on walls or parchment to solve a few ancient riddles. Maybe the ghosts are testing your wit to see how well you complete the puzzle for your escape. A walkthrough is provided down below.

 This point-and-click escape was very well put-together. With eerie sound-effects and clear imagery. The challenge was even-keeled. Not too easy or hard. Though don't expect to see any spooks about unless you count a mummy-alligator. So all in all, I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars! 

Escape From the Catacombs Walkthrough

1. Grab brick from skeleton.

2. Get Lantern from beside well.

3. Head to the hallway(to your left) and take spider-web above skeleton.

4. Grab bucket and brick from floor(Near mouse hole).

5. Get Y-stick from next to shelf.

6. Use Y-stick upon the shelve to pry it open.

7. Go back and fill bucket with fresh water.

8. Now go back to opened-shelf, zoom in, and splash water on puzzle to wash away the dirt.

9. The scroll to the back of the hallway is where you'll find hints to this puzzle to open this passageway.

10. Still can't figure it out? Then here's the answer:







11. Enter secret passage and take bowl from Chest-Table.

12. Take paddle from beside table to your right.

13. Get bone from skeleton.

14. Grab brick from the floor(foot of table).

15. Get two spider webs. One above skeleton. The other on the other side of room upon pillar.

16. Combine Y-stick with spider-webs to create a picker.

17. Go back to the beginning again and use picker to retrieve key from next to right-most torch.

18. Use key to unlock gates then enter.

19. Grab oil-tank and brick from floor.

20. Combine the oil-tank with the lantern.

21. Go back out and use lantern on light to ignite it.

22. Use bricks to create stepping-stones on the left-most wall to get into passage-way.

23. Once in, place lantern down.

24. Get stale-bread from upper-right wall.

25. Zoom into chest and solve puzzle. Hints are carved into the walls.

26. O.K. if you must know, it's:






27. Grab knife from chest.

28. Go back through to the hallway.

29. Cut bread with bare-hand(not the knife) then place the crumbs in front of mouse-hole to lure him.

30. Use bowl to retrieve mouse.

31. Use knife on cracked-brick to the lower-right of chain.

32. Insert bone in resultant hole and attach the chain to it to open cage.

33. Throw the mouse beyond the opened cage to trap gator.

34. Empty water from boat with bucket.

35. Finally, you can use the paddle on boat to escape away.

The End!

Now play Escape From the Catacombs!


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